Privacy Policy

There is a legislation that specifically applies to consumer sales including online sales and websites. Consumer protection laws and the privacy laws have a large umbrella and apply to all sales of goods and services to everyone irrespective of where the business is located in the whole world.

To satisfy these laws, you need to ensure you meet the consumer and privacy law requirements with respect to your terms and conditions on guarantees and warranties as well as the latest updated privacy laws for your online business and websites.

There are several items that you, as an online business owner, should be aware of but one very important piece of information that must be outlined to your customers is your privacy policy. You must let your customers know how you collect, use and store information about each of your customers, including any payment information.
Another important inclusion for your privacy policy is that it must always outline exactly what you do and any dealings with customer details, for example, by confirming that you will not provide or sell any of their information to third parties. 

As a website business owner, it is always important to ensure your website privacy policy is up-to-date as they are regularly changing the privacy legislation. DO NOT COPY ANOTHER WEBSITE'S PRIVACY POLICY! You may not use the same practices, it may be out of date, you may get into serious trouble and/or receive regulatory or legal penalties by doing this.

In addition, ensure you are also updated on the latest regulatory updates with respect to the Consumer law. They are also constantly changing and will continue to do so to ensure the protection of consumers with respect to both online and physical business owners.
Australian laws governing sales are very much pro-consumer and if you have a business, online or otherwise, you need to ensure you are aware of these changes and to ensure your business policies match these legal requirements. 

If you are a business owner with a website that does not have an updated privacy policy or updated terms and conditions, you may not be considered a professional, credible or compliant site by consumers and may be missing out on valuable business. It does not matter that you are online only with no physical shop-what they are concerned about is the protection of consumers. They have started enforcing these requirements for all online businesses. 

With these legal requirements, as a consumer, if you come across a website that is lacking a privacy policy statement, you should reconsider using the site and providing any of your personal details. You should only buy goods and services from trusted sources and if they do not have updated privacy and consumer terms you should question this and ensure you do not provide any personal details.

As an e-commerce website owner, these requirements are not very difficult to incorporate but you need to ensure you keep updated policies and terms as well as ensuring your business complies and your online website reflects this.